Breeding plans



By the autumn/winter of 2014, we hope to expect a litter from the same great combination as our last G-litter!!
(For photos of their last litter click on our litters and then litter G)


Are you interested in a puppy from
this great combination,
please call or email us for questions
and to get on our waiting list.

Tel: + 31 (0) 332774961
For more info click on breeding plans!

Mother: Final Fantasy
du Domaine des Emeraudes
HD-A (free), and CEA/PRA/KAT free


Father: Dazzle Blue Legend
de La Chapelle Aux Arbres
   HD-A (free), en CEA/PRA/KAT free


We are proud to do once again achieve this great combination.
Our dream couple Dazzle and Carly. They have a super character, are healthy,
have a lot of hair like a collie belonged to have and their faces ooohh We love them!!!



When our puppy's leave our house they have:

*There first injections
*Protected against worms
*CEA and PRA tested between 7 and 9 weeks
*Our first recommendations and advices
(as soon as we receive, we send it to you)

*Our puppy's are fed with Proplan



We only breed according to the norms of S.H.V. the collie club, which means that we have the
eyes tested and have X-rays taken of the hips of the parent dogs. As it is pretty dangerous to give
anaesthetics to Scottish Sheepdogs, we have this done at the Animal Clinic Dijkshoorn in Zeist.
Here you see a few pictures that were taken at the Animal Clinic when we had this done. Then
X-rays were taken with Adventure without anaesthetics. For more information about this clinic click here