We advise everybody who buys a dog with us to follow a puppy training.
The course is meant for all pups younger than six months.
The one who goes to the course must be preponderate with the dog.

Preferably a parent or an older family member.

The course is started with obedience training of the dog: for example:
sit, stop, showing of the teeths, coming on command and
walking on a leash. Besides that, during the course a lot will be told about
dogs, such as potty-training, taking care of the fur,
feeding and staying home alone. During training there will be
sufficient amount
of time to ask questions. The most importantaspects of the course will be
socializing the dog, obedience and communication.






As soon as the puppy training is over the real work starts, i.e. the E.O.
or Elementary Obedience.
This course is meant for dogs who havenít have other
training other than puppy training. The dogs still need
to learn obedience and
there will be enough roomfor that in this course. There will be various exercises.
For example walking without pulling, sitting on laying on the spot and coming over.
In this beginnersí course the training is tighter than with the puppy training. After all,
these are dogs of whom you can clearly expect more discipline.

From this point on you can follow a lot more course and get higher and higher. But also for instance Agility. This course is meant for dogs and masters who like to work together. De dog/master combination learn during this course to take various obstacles. For instance the seesaw, the tunnel, the trunk, the catwalk and various jumps. At the end of the course the combination can walk the circuit independently. This is a feast to do with your dog. Not a bad word is heard on the field, we make it as much fun as possible with  parts of meat and cheese as reward.





There are some conditions to take part in this course:

-The dog must be full-grown because this sport asks physically a lot of the dog;
-Also the master must have a pretty good physical condition.
-The obstacle circuit must be walked together;
-Beside that the master must have so much control over the dog that the dog,
without a leash but together with the master, can take the various obstacles.

If you passes the exam Agility A, you can go on to Agility B and C.




Then there is
flyball, a team sport for dogs who love balls. Purpose of the course is that the dog learns that when he moves his paw the right way, he will get a ball from the ball machine. Then he must bring it to his master while jumping over some obstacles. If you pass the exam flyball 1 you can go on with flyball 2 and 3.