Abigail From Amity Yard


8 weeks old

*Tricolour Bitch

*Born on 15-04-2003

*HD-A (free)

*CEA and PRA free

*Mother of C and D litter

*Breeders: Gerrit-Jan en Regina van Dijk

5 years old


Abbey is a very sweet and playful dog
who loves to pull ropes with other dogs
Now is passed the puppy training; the E.G. and the V.E.G.,
she will go for it to, like her mother, conquer the Agility sports.


Abbey 6 year and 10 months old





Abbey 6 year and 10 months old





Her Pedigree

Kiss me Kate
from  Higher Grounds

Troydon Sovereign Night Ch.Kourika Mantika at Troydon Ch.Troydon Pebbalmyll at Mybern
Mybern's Blue Misty at Kourika
Troydon Carisma Mybern Master Raffles
Troydon babycham
Her Majesty from the Coastal Town Malouine's Once in a Blue Moon Ch.Amalie Best Bitter
Ch.Mybern's Movie Blue
Amy the Gipsy Queen v. Saleteinshof Newloc Blue Max
Lady of Affinity v. Saleteinshof

Captain Dylan
of the Gentle Collies

Kamp. Influence of the
Night Raiders Home
Ned. en Int. Kamp.
Amalie Best Bitter
Lynway Seldom Sober
Blossoms Black at Amalie
Kamp. Gipsy Girl of the
Blackstone Valley
Yorvik Pure Chance at Meranne
Aphrodite of the Blackstone Valley
Honey-Dew of the
Loving Collies
Crusader of the
Blackstone Valley
Evad Vagabond King
Aphrodite of the Blackstone Valley
Dream Breaker of the
Loving Collies
Eye Catcher of the Cleveland Hills
Black-Suzy-Jo v.h. Aards Paradijs