Who are we





We are Gerrit-Jan and Regina van Dijk, we are both from the year 1970. We have two sons and live in
Scherpenzeel in the province Gelderland. We are here in the middle of the Gelderse Valley, thatís why
we have enough woods and moors to walk and play with our dogs.
In Reginaís life the love for collies began early. From her baby time on there was a collie in the family
household and she was sleeping with the dog often. Gerrit-Jan didnít get to know the collie well until
1993 when we bought our first pup , a dark sable bitch who listens to the name Mandy.

When Regina was learning to became a dog trainer, she went to shows to get knowledge about breeds. It was
there that it happened, she saw a Blue Merle for the first time and she was sold immediately.
She didnít
look at other breeds that day and so she came into contact with Miranda. She really wanted to
come on there list for a pup and that was possible. You do understand that that made her day.

A few weeks later the telephone call she had been waiting for came and Miranda told her that the pups had been born. For us there was a Blue Merle bitch. We could hardly wait to go and have a look, they were all beautiful. We often went to visit the pups until they were eight weeks old and then she could come home with us; our beautiful Laika.

In 2003 it was the first time that we breed a litter with Laika, from which we kept
a tricolour bitch and she listens to the name Abbey ( see the photoís of the A-litter)



In September 23th 2006 we must let Mandy go, she was old and ill. We miss our darling very much, you can find a pome for Mandy on memoriam.

On April 29th 2008 our biggest nightmare came out. Our beloved Laika must have a C- section.
The vet don't have listen to me and give Laika the combination of  Domitor and Ketamine and
now she is gone I will never forgive the vet for this. She gave birth to 7 puppy's that day and 2 have
survive the  anaesthetics. We have decided to keep 1 puppy dog from the 2 and that is her son
Exclusive Daylight (Dempsey)  You can read the whole story on memoriam and our litters: litter E
between the photo's We miss our girl so much, we shall never forget her, she was and is our
From Amity yard line and she always will be!! Sadly Dempsey goes to his mother on July 13yh 2010,
for more info of Dempsey you can look on the page memoriam!!

Our beautiful Laika!!

Our collies live in our home and are in the first place company dogs. Thatís why we have a litter only now and
than, but then according to the norms of the S.V.H. The Collie club. We also train with the dogs among others
E.G., V.E.G. and Agility. The dogs especially like Agility, itís a real recommendation for people who want to
be active in a pleasurable way with their dogs.

We are very happy with our collies and hope to enjoy them for a long time!!

We wish you much pleasure and fun in watching and reading our site.