Week 1 and 2

Week 3 and 4

Week 7 and 8


Week 5




Yes we are at home at last!!

This is our half sister Abbey!!








Together in mamma's basket!!











This little guy we going to keep
and we call him Dempsey!!


Week 6


On the left is Dempsey!!

Yes, dinertime!!

On the right is Dempsey!!

gaap, I am so lazy.....

But I am also thirsty!!

Abbey is washing Dempsey!!

What is Abbey lovely!!

Abbey keep a eye on her brothers!!


That's cool.....

This little boy goes to Anja Wong and I am going to see him many time in his life gladley,
otherwise I had to keep him if I don't see him anymore because he is very special for me, you understand that.